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We have over 10,000 Japanese anime designs, and the current Shopify search engine is not robust enough.

By installing Searchanise, we help our customers quickly search by anime collection or character name. This helps customers find items and checkout faster.

Before, customers had to ask us products via email, but now they find the results much easier, as well as get suggestions about other related items.

Jon Woo, senior business development manager at

Instant search

As your customer starts typing in the search box,
Searchanise shows relevant products, collections, and pages,
along with search suggestions, images, and actual prices

Full-text search

Searchanise offers robust, relevant, and filterable full-text search.
Finding the right product in a 100 000-product store takes just 1 second

Searchanise does more than just search

Searchanise allows merchants to analyze customer behavior,
promote products with additional keywords, edit search suggestions,
and show rich HTML ads to run effective promotion campaigns

All the Searchanise features for $9 per month*. The subscription price only depends on the number of products in your store. Here's what you get on all plans:

Equally fast search

Unlimited number of searches per month

Real-time products sync and catalog indexation

All-time analytics

Try Searchanise FREE for 14 days.

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* If you're Shopify Plus merchant, please visit our PRO Plus pricing plans.

Feature list

Starter Free Get it now PRO $9 / month Free trial $18 / month Free trial $27 / month Free trial $54 / month Free trial
Catalog size Indicates the maximum allowed number of items in your catalog. 25 products 500 products 5,000 products 25,000 products 50,000 products
Number of searches per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Search through products, categories, and pages
Instant search suggestions From the very first typed character, Searchanise Pro ships smart search suggestions and product previews.
Instant spellcheck
Customizable instant search widget
“Did you mean” hints
Built-in control panel
Support & compatibility assistance
Real-time catalog indexation
All-time analytics
Integration with 3rd party apps
Stop words
Keyword-based redirects
Custom CSS
Custom HTML in the instant search widget
Get it now Free trial Free trial Free trial Free trial
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