12 ecommerce trends you need to adopt in 2019

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Living in the moment does not work for ecommerce. You know it well.

Why bother hitting the future trends?

  • to stop wasting money on technologies that are not going to bring you any profit
  • to find a new direction for developing or promoting your product
  • to outrun competitors and stand out for a long time
  • to win customers loyalty by always offering them something cool and new


Our partner Loyalty Lion prepared an ebook with articles on different areas of ecommerce development. It includes trends in marketing activities and channels of communication with customers, recommendations on personalization tools, customer service changing, alternative payments and other things you must know to make profit in 2019.

Great news is that the Ecommerce Trends ebook is absolutely free. Follow this link to read the whole kit of ecommerce tips.




Searchanise has contributed to the ebook with the article on search trends. Read the ebook part with The future relationship between site search and AI article on this link.


Here are new things you’ll discover from our article.

2018 trends in search that have already been adopted:

  • Personalisation and recommendations
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Search speed

Things that will make a hit in 2019 and a few years ahead:

  • Advanced personalization
  • Voice search and search by pictures
  • New opportunities for customization
  • AR and VR
  • AI in search

and even more.

Do you feel there are other trends we forgot to mention? Share your thoughts about the ebook and Searchanise article in your reply.

How to manage an e-commerce business in the e-skeptic market



Hi there,

We’re ready to show you another story from our great new customer.

Tommy Regan is the CEO at Audio Design and a Nascar professional car racer. He really loves his work being a developer and the manager at once.

We were happy to have a talk with him and here is what Tommy shared with us.

A car stereo business in an e-skeptic market

This is a weird phenomenon in the car stereo business as a lot of manufacturers do not want to sell their products online, only to a couple of places. The reason is that the car stereo has a lot of returns: people buy it, they use it, and then return it.


To have consistent growth in such industry, pay attention to the following points:

  • Business communication: it is very important, everybody is talking to each other to be on the same page;

    Communication is key inside of our business. It is not necessarily how I want to grow, it is how I can manage everybody in the company and, then, still grow.
  • Calendar: keep the calendar correct;
  • Cost of everything;
  • Resource management.

I almost have done with my Project Management Institute. I am using a lot of my skills and a lot of my talents now to make sure that we keep stable growth not having everybody upset, trying to keep no arguments.

Experience with Searchanise

We used Shopify prior to Searchanise to populate products but realized it was not enough. That is why we switched to Searchanise.

I found you, guys, that is so much better than what Shopify has for the collections. There was no filter capability. Filtering became necessary. If you gonna have a thousand products or more, the filters are starting to become very relevant. We needed to do that. So, after 400 of products or so I started to look for a better search engine for our website.

I looked at a couple of other applications and I chose yours. I believe some of the other ones were charging per search so if I put the product on our site, they were going to charge us an unlimited amount for how many people used it and that was a big turnoff.

It was my decision because we cannot afford to leave our site just open-ended. We don’t know how many people are going to come to our site and not buy. It was too large of the gamble for me to even think about looking into it.


But after I found Searchanise that was the deciding factor for why I went with you, guys, and I was hoping it is gonna be a good product. I was hoping that it is going to do what we need when it definitely did.

The Searchanise did a very good job of automatic populating. I was extremely impressed, extremely happy to have it.

Plans for 2019

We have not launched completely. We are still adding products to our store.

We are almost at the point to start on loading marketing and really push forward. It is taking us a couple of months to fine-tune everything in our store.

A big goal

Although we have an edge on our competition in the car stereo business, we are looking to obviously take it as biggest as it can and we are looking to grow to be pretty large in 2019 and then quite a few years to come. We are going to grow as fast as we can, we would try to keep the balance of everything.

A message for Searchanise users

I would definitely recommend the app for other Shopify owners, and the features give us everything that we need. I like the products how they pop up in the search bar. That is a big attraction. I am very happy about the app all the way around. You, guys, are great for our business!

Tommy is taking the first steps in using Searchanise for his e-commerce store and he has already realized the app value for his business. We wish Tommy success on his project further development. No doubt, it will keep on growing, and we will stand by side in making his big goal come true!

What other things would you like Tommy to talk about? Do you find his experience helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Searchanise + SocialShopWave: 2 all-in-one solutions instead of multiple apps


Hi there,

Christmas holidays are over and we’re already working hard to make Searchanise even more superpowerful.

Just remember killer features that we added in 2018:


Today I’m ready to present to you another integration that many of our customers asked for. Have you searched for a complex solution for acquiring traffic, driving sales for Shopify sites and boosting social sharing on your Shopify store?

Meet SocialShopWave which combines functionality of several extra-useful apps in one app.

About SocialShopWave

SocialShopWave is an all-in-one solution for driving social shares and new traffic to your site, creating viral engagement, collecting leads, etc.

The following suite of social apps can help your business grow:

  • Social Login,
  • Photo reviews,
  • Wishlist,
  • Social Sharing,
  • Loyalty and Rewards,
  • Shop Instagram and UGC,
  • Community,
  • Automated Emails

and many others.

Shopify Reviews by SocialShopWave

You will be able to convert photo reviews, wishlists, interests, behaviours, and data into sales.

On top of it, it allows to reward customers with loyalty points and launch your own referral program. Moreover, this great all-rounder will allow you not only to integrate the features you want, but also things you had not even thought of.

Integration with Searchanise

We’ve successfully integrated with SocialShopWave photo reviews. That means you can see product ratings and the number of reviews in Searchanise widgets and also filter search results by reviews.

Just a couple of clicks and the integration is enabled. See the detailed instruction here.

Special offer

SocialShopWave has prepared something special for all Searchanise customers. You can enjoy an exclusive extended 60 day trial instead of 30 day one.

To use the offer install SocialShopWave by following this link.


Feel free to share your thoughts about the new integration or any other things you’d like to let us know about! Leave a comment or write directly to feedback@searchanise.com

Growing from zero to a million dollar business: Suits Outlets experience

Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.

Suits Outlets site

Daniel Liu, President at Suits Outlets, proves that exceptional business can be built in a year only if you really take care of your store and, first of all, think about your customers.

We were happy to have a conversation with Daniel. Have a look at his experience to know:

  • how to reach a million dollar revenue starting with only two people in the team
  • how to increase your store conversion by 60%
  • why it is crucial that customers find products in 5 clicks
  • tips from Suits Outlets experience to research customer behaviour and improve your store


How did it all start?

It was back in early 2017 when I was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked on a project of marketing research in NYC’s men’s fashion industry. I was surprised it was so hard to find a good quality suit under $200 in New York City.

And I’ve been hearing people saying that buying a suit is a big investment, which it really shouldn’t. Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.


Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse

Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse


How many people were involved into the project?

Back in 2017, we started with just 2 people, one on the engineering side, one on the product side.

What issues did you experience on your way to success?

Since shopping a suit online is different from buying a book, we have to carefully design the user experience to make it easy and useful. So our biggest struggle is designing the website.


Inside Suits Outlets cosy office

Inside Suits Outlets cosy office


After researching existing men’s fashion websites, we believe an ideal shopping experience requires the website to be “flat”, meaning customers can find what they look for in less than 5 clicks and the interface should be simple and no information overwhelm.

Why did you choose Searchanise for your store?

Before using Smart Search & Instant Search, we, just like other Shopify users, experienced a hard time finding a search & filter plugin. We used Instant Search +, Product Filter & Search and a lot of other search plugins, none of them meet our needs completely.

We were even thinking of switching from Shopify to Magento because due to the number of products we have, searching is just so important to us.

With your beautiful interface, we provide great convenience for customers to directly filter suit size/color/styles and make shopping really easy.


Search results page at Suits Outlets store

How did Searchanise affect your store conversion?

Our company was founded in Nov 2017, and when our website SuitsOutlets.com started using Smart Search & Instant Search in March 2018, our March sale was 215 orders with 1.04% conversion rate while last month(October) sale was 588 orders with 1.72% conversion rate.

Statistics on raising conversion

Why else do you like our search?

To truly understand what customers think of our storefront, we send out surveys and ask customers for the shopping experience. We are glad to see a lot of customers like the way they can search and easily, fastly find what they are looking for:

Customer research data by Suits Outlets


Which Searchanise features work for your business?

We currently use:

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Filter
  • Suggestion dictionary
  • Synonyms

Searchanise widgets at Suits Outlets store

The most important feature we need from Searchanise is filtering. For example, a customer is looking for a black 3 piece suit in 42 Regular, preferable in pinstripe design. With Searchanise, it is just a few clicks away from what they expected.

We use Shopify’s auto collection feature along with Searchanise filter, the whole process of integrating is automatic.

Considering we are constantly updating product catalog, it saves a huge amount of time and no manual maintenance is needed. Amazing!

What are your business plans for the nearest future?

In early 2019, we will work directly with more manufacturers on introducing new styles while keeping prices affordable. Other priorities include optimizing CRM, implementing customer behavior(clickstream) analysis, etc.



Suits Outlets office, outside

Great Suits Outlets office, outside


I feel very lucky to work with great companies like Searchanise and they made it possible for us to move fast and break things.

Final words

We are proud to share our experience of growing from zero to a million dollar business in 1 year, and without Smart Search & Instant Search, it will not be possible.

Daniel hopes their experience can help others as well. The Suits Outlets story is so inspiring that we are sure it can!

Do you find the article helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Searchanise + Plobal Apps: Try Searchanise for mobile apps

рассылка_plobal apps

Hi there,

Do you know that most visitors tend to come to your store from mobiles? Would you like to make their experience even brighter with a mobile app?

We’re happy to announce that Plobal Apps now integrates Searchanise technology in their mobile apps.

Plobal helps to create cool native mobile apps for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. It uses the most cutting-edge technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence to power mobile experience for some of the biggest businesses on Shopify.

Plobal Apps features:

  • Smart Filters, 
  • Flash Sale Banners, 
  • Abandoned Cart Push Notifications, 
  • Multi-Currency 
  • 100+ more

Now Searchanise high-relevance search results are available for the Plobal customers. If you use Searchanise on your Shopify store, you can now integrate it with your Shopify mobile app too.

Why else should you trust Plobal Apps? They have 240+ reviews on the app store with 5 star ones prevailing. So customers seem to really like it. :)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR SEARCHANISE SUBSCRIBERS: 30% discount for all annual plans of Plobal Apps. Find the discount code below.

Enter it on the payment summary page while making the purchase.

The app is available on the Shopify App Store. Feel free to check it out!

Automated recommendation blocks

Automated recommendations

Hi there,

We could not wait till next month to introduce our new feature. We worked really hard and we are excited to let you know about the results!

When it came to adding recommendation blocks to your storefront, applying changes manually to your theme files was inevitable. We totally understand it may come as a real headache if you are not a tech guy. So we just made it way easier.

Now you can add recommendation blocks to a selected page of your store just in a couple of clicks.

Go to Searchanise admin panel -> Recommendations, add a new block or edit the existing one and choose the Auto option:

Auto recommendations settings

You’ll just need to select a page and save the changes. The created widget will be added to the bottom part of the selected page.

A recommendation block example

You can still add recommendation blocks to your theme files manually in case you’d like to choose a specific place for them. Here is the detailed instruction on how you can do it.

Check it out yourself and let us know how it works for you!