12 ecommerce trends you need to adopt in 2019

Hi there,

Living in the moment does not work for ecommerce. You know it well.

Why bother hitting the future trends?

  • to stop wasting money on technologies that are not going to bring you any profit
  • to find a new direction for developing or promoting your product
  • to outrun competitors and stand out for a long time
  • to win customers loyalty by always offering them something cool and new


Our partner Loyalty Lion prepared an ebook with articles on different areas of ecommerce development. It includes trends in marketing activities and channels of communication with customers, recommendations on personalization tools, customer service changing, alternative payments and other things you must know to make profit in 2019.

Great news is that the Ecommerce Trends ebook is absolutely free. Follow this link to read the whole kit of ecommerce tips.




Searchanise has contributed to the ebook with the article on search trends. Read the ebook part with The future relationship between site search and AI article on this link.


Here are new things you’ll discover from our article.

2018 trends in search that have already been adopted:

  • Personalisation and recommendations
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Search speed

Things that will make a hit in 2019 and a few years ahead:

  • Advanced personalization
  • Voice search and search by pictures
  • New opportunities for customization
  • AR and VR
  • AI in search

and even more.

Do you feel there are other trends we forgot to mention? Share your thoughts about the ebook and Searchanise article in your reply.