Searchanise + Plobal Apps: Try Searchanise for mobile apps

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Hi there,

Do you know that most visitors tend to come to your store from mobiles? Would you like to make their experience even brighter with a mobile app?

We’re happy to announce that Plobal Apps now integrates Searchanise technology in their mobile apps.

Plobal helps to create cool native mobile apps for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. It uses the most cutting-edge technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence to power mobile experience for some of the biggest businesses on Shopify.

Plobal Apps features:

  • Smart Filters, 
  • Flash Sale Banners, 
  • Abandoned Cart Push Notifications, 
  • Multi-Currency 
  • 100+ more

Now Searchanise high-relevance search results are available for the Plobal customers. If you use Searchanise on your Shopify store, you can now integrate it with your Shopify mobile app too.

Why else should you trust Plobal Apps? They have 240+ reviews on the app store with 5 star ones prevailing. So customers seem to really like it. :)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR SEARCHANISE SUBSCRIBERS: 30% discount for all annual plans of Plobal Apps. Find the discount code below.

Enter it on the payment summary page while making the purchase.

The app is available on the Shopify App Store. Feel free to check it out!

Searchanise + Loox: double your conversion boost

loox searchanise Looking for the ways to convert more visitors into paying customers this autumn? We know you always do.

With our new integration you can not only add social proof to your store but also make it look more stylish and trustworthy! Meet Loox – Photo reviews.

Loox is a photo reviews app that empowers Shopify merchants to collect tons of visual reviews from happy customers and create elegant online stores shoppers can trust. Loox generates significantly more reviews with photos and displays them in stunning review galleries boosting credibility, trust, conversions and sales.

Loox review gallery Just 3 clicks and the integration is enabled. You’ll see Loox reviews in search results and will be able to filter by star ratings.

Tip: As you are the part of the Searchanise family, Loox kindly offers you a free month of using their service! Click this link to take advantage of the Loox offer.

How Store Search Influences Your Sales

Do you know that about 30% of online shoppers use search to navigate through a store? These shoppers may be 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Buyers that prefer to use search instead of clicking through a product catalog in the store may be on the final stage of the buying process and looking for a specific product or information about it. Econsultancy data shows that an average conversion through the search is 4.63% compared to 2.77% through the catalog.

Here in Smart Search and Instant Search (Searchanise), we’re sure that a proper search may boost conversion rates and highly increase sales on your site. So, we’ve collected 3 lifehacks on how to create an effective search in a web store.

1. Use the search results page

Many search services provide an autocomplete form. It’s a good tool, but autocomplete shows only the list of searched products by phrase. Sometimes it’s enough, but often it’s not. This kind of search can’t help a shopper find clothes with “Batman” logo for his or her baby. But a proper search allows a visitor to apply attribute-based filters to the search results. These attributes include a price, a product type, or anything else.

A visitor is more likely to buy baby clothes, if he or she sees the whole range of age categories. Therefore, we don’t recommend our customers to disable the Searchanise search results page.

2. Have a call to action

Shoppers searching in a web-store are almost always looking to buy something. So, why not to buy the product directly in the search?

Searchanise allows you to add the “View product” or “Add to cart” button to the products on the search results page. Less actions to buy products lead to a greater percentage of purchases.

3. Include Product Reviews

Shoppers browsing goods, are always interested in other people’s opinion. And customer reviews are the social proof of product quality. Reviews can greatly influence customer’s decisions. Therefore, it is logical to include reviews in the search.

For example, we try to find the “Men” clothes in the comics store. Products in the search results has been awarded five stars from different customers. This is a useful information for the customer that inspires him to buy.

For a long time, searching and sorting products by reviews had been a privilege of large stores, such as Amazon and eBay. But today Searchanise is integrated with the largest reviews system for ShopifyShopify Product Reviews. We did it thanks to the Product Reviews Addon app (

The Product Reviews Addon is integrated with Shopify reviews system, complementing their application by collecting reviews through e-mail, and improving the standard reviews widget appearance. And another cool thing is that the app is free!

Click to install the Product Reviews Addon for Shopify or Reviews addon for Magento, and use our guide for integration with the Smart Search and Instant Search app.

In the end, we advise you to read the article from about 4 lifehacks on collecting feedback

Use only the best search in your web store to increase your sales!

New opportunities for web-stores with Searchanise + Yotpo

Searchanise+Yotpo_Blog Hi!

Today, I want to tell you about the services collecting product reviews. I came across 43 applications of this kind in the Shopify App Store. Some of them are free and some cost a lot of money. But there is a service our whole team fell in love with. The service is called Yotpo. It collects reviews from websites, Q&A, social networks, and e-mail messages. We were also pleasantly surprised that Yotpo can use the collected user-generated content (reviews and product ratings) to promote products on social networks.

We were so pleased with Yotpo that we’ve added its product ratings and comments to Searchanise! Now you can promote your products with the help of the user-generated content from the first letters typed in the search field. Look how cool it looks on the screenshots and demo store! yotpo_integration_1

The Yotpo team highly appreciated Searchanise bundled with their service. Therefore, they will hold a personal product demo, explain you the extended features and help you develop a strategy for collecting the user-generated content.

And there’s more! As we begin our partnership with Yotpo, Searchanise customers receive a 20% discount for the paid Yotpo subscription during the first year plus 10% lifetime discount. And Searchanise customers who purchase Yotpo subscription also receive a 50% discount for 6 months for Searchanise PRO!

Are you ready to collect feedback and promote your products easily? Then write to our team or John-David from Yotpo.

P.S. If you are already a Yotpo customer, use the Searchanise integration instruction.

mail_preview Oleg Silakov
Marketing Manager at Searchanise