Growing from zero to a million dollar business: Suits Outlets experience

Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.

Suits Outlets site

Daniel Liu, President at Suits Outlets, proves that exceptional business can be built in a year only if you really take care of your store and, first of all, think about your customers.

We were happy to have a conversation with Daniel. Have a look at his experience to know:

  • how to reach a million dollar revenue starting with only two people in the team
  • how to increase your store conversion by 60%
  • why it is crucial that customers find products in 5 clicks
  • tips from Suits Outlets experience to research customer behaviour and improve your store


How did it all start?

It was back in early 2017 when I was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked on a project of marketing research in NYC’s men’s fashion industry. I was surprised it was so hard to find a good quality suit under $200 in New York City.

And I’ve been hearing people saying that buying a suit is a big investment, which it really shouldn’t. Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.


Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse

Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse


How many people were involved into the project?

Back in 2017, we started with just 2 people, one on the engineering side, one on the product side.

What issues did you experience on your way to success?

Since shopping a suit online is different from buying a book, we have to carefully design the user experience to make it easy and useful. So our biggest struggle is designing the website.


Inside Suits Outlets cosy office

Inside Suits Outlets cosy office


After researching existing men’s fashion websites, we believe an ideal shopping experience requires the website to be “flat”, meaning customers can find what they look for in less than 5 clicks and the interface should be simple and no information overwhelm.

Why did you choose Searchanise for your store?

Before using Smart Search & Instant Search, we, just like other Shopify users, experienced a hard time finding a search & filter plugin. We used Instant Search +, Product Filter & Search and a lot of other search plugins, none of them meet our needs completely.

We were even thinking of switching from Shopify to Magento because due to the number of products we have, searching is just so important to us.

With your beautiful interface, we provide great convenience for customers to directly filter suit size/color/styles and make shopping really easy.


Search results page at Suits Outlets store

How did Searchanise affect your store conversion?

Our company was founded in Nov 2017, and when our website started using Smart Search & Instant Search in March 2018, our March sale was 215 orders with 1.04% conversion rate while last month(October) sale was 588 orders with 1.72% conversion rate.

Statistics on raising conversion

Why else do you like our search?

To truly understand what customers think of our storefront, we send out surveys and ask customers for the shopping experience. We are glad to see a lot of customers like the way they can search and easily, fastly find what they are looking for:

Customer research data by Suits Outlets


Which Searchanise features work for your business?

We currently use:

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Filter
  • Suggestion dictionary
  • Synonyms

Searchanise widgets at Suits Outlets store

The most important feature we need from Searchanise is filtering. For example, a customer is looking for a black 3 piece suit in 42 Regular, preferable in pinstripe design. With Searchanise, it is just a few clicks away from what they expected.

We use Shopify’s auto collection feature along with Searchanise filter, the whole process of integrating is automatic.

Considering we are constantly updating product catalog, it saves a huge amount of time and no manual maintenance is needed. Amazing!

What are your business plans for the nearest future?

In early 2019, we will work directly with more manufacturers on introducing new styles while keeping prices affordable. Other priorities include optimizing CRM, implementing customer behavior(clickstream) analysis, etc.



Suits Outlets office, outside

Great Suits Outlets office, outside


I feel very lucky to work with great companies like Searchanise and they made it possible for us to move fast and break things.

Final words

We are proud to share our experience of growing from zero to a million dollar business in 1 year, and without Smart Search & Instant Search, it will not be possible.

Daniel hopes their experience can help others as well. The Suits Outlets story is so inspiring that we are sure it can!

Do you find the article helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Searchanise + Loox: double your conversion boost

loox searchanise Looking for the ways to convert more visitors into paying customers this autumn? We know you always do.

With our new integration you can not only add social proof to your store but also make it look more stylish and trustworthy! Meet Loox – Photo reviews.

Loox is a photo reviews app that empowers Shopify merchants to collect tons of visual reviews from happy customers and create elegant online stores shoppers can trust. Loox generates significantly more reviews with photos and displays them in stunning review galleries boosting credibility, trust, conversions and sales.

Loox review gallery Just 3 clicks and the integration is enabled. You’ll see Loox reviews in search results and will be able to filter by star ratings.

Tip: As you are the part of the Searchanise family, Loox kindly offers you a free month of using their service! Click this link to take advantage of the Loox offer.

New features. August edition

We took time to prepare new features that you eagered to have in Searchanise. Just have a look at the hottest Shopify improvements.

Infinite scrolling

Allow your customers to see and buy even more products found by Searchanise! Now you can enable infinite scrolling instead of the standard pagination and facilitate surfing through the stock of your store. All your customers will need to do is just to click the Show more button. infinite scrolling searchanise To activate the setting go to Search Results Widget -> Content -> General -> Enable infinite scrolling.
By the way, it works in smart navigation too.

New recommendation block: Customers who bought this product also bought

We’ve added a new recommendation block used on best ecommerce resources like eBay and Amazon. Enable this block and promote even more products of your store! searchanise recommendations The block recommends products bought by other customers along with a viewed product within the same purchase. Please note that the Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought widget works only for product pages.

The new block is available in the Recommendations section of the Searchanise admin panel. Here is the detailed instruction on how to insert the block to product pages of your store.

Showing images for relevant product variants

We’ve added the setting allowing to show the image for the relevant product variant in search results. To enable the setting go to Searchanise admin panel -> Preferences -> Show relevant product variant. searchanise shopify product variants The feature is in beta now. Feel free to contact us with any feedback so that it worked perfect (if it does not now).

Preorder status for products in search results

We’ve found out that standard In-stock and Out of stock statuses were just not enough to describe product state. Now if you have products with 0 quantity and the Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock setting is enabled for them, the Preorder status will be shown for such products in Searchanise search results. searchanise product statuses Remember to re-index your store after enabling the Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock setting for specific products to update Searchanise results.

Default sorting for search results

As our customers found it profitable to set a default sorting for smart navigation, we’ve added the same improvement to the search results widget. default sorting searchanise For example, if you want your customers to see bestsellers first in search results, just set the default sorting as the Bestselling one. This is one of the best ways to promote your bestsellers (see also product recommendations).

Multiple labels in search results

Only one custom label used to be shown in the search results widget at a time. Now you can add several custom labels to products in the search result widget. searchanise labels Up to 4 labels can be displayed for 1 product at the same time. Label position is set up in the label settings (Search results widget -> Product labels -> Edit): multiple labels
BEST Currency Converter integration

BEST Currency Converter is an extremely poplular app allowing to change currencies on your storefront. The app makes it easily by automatically converting currency based on your customer location.

The integration allows to change currency in Searchanise according to BEST Currency Converter work. Here you can find the article on how to enable the integration. Just 3 steps and you’re ready!

best currency converter searchanise integration What is more, we’ve improved mobile-friendliness of search results. Now Searchanise automatically chooses the number of columns in the search results widget depending on the device you use and its screen.

Some other minor improvements:

  • pagination for search results in categories and pages
  • Set out of stock products in the end of results list setting for smart navigation
  • showing indexation status and indexation speed improvement

  • Miss interviews with Searchanise users? At the moment we’re working on the new article where guys from Home Bar Classics shared their Searchanise experience. Just wait a little and meantime see our previous article about how Pixel Empire increased their conversion with Searchanise.

    Stay tuned, we are about to make Searchanise even better!

    How guys from Active In Style store doubled their revenue through the search

    Last time, we created an article about ZoobGear store. They increased conversion through the site search up to 45% using Searchanise. ZoobGear is a Shopify customer, but I’m going to prove you that e-commerce platform doesn’t matter. Searchanise increases conversion through the search on any other platform.
    I’ve talked to Tom from Active In Style and The Active Man stores. They’ve been using Magento for a long time, and we’ve discussed how the advanced search helped their store to boost sales. 5O8A2838 (e) (1) Tom, tell me please a few sentences about your stores. How did you come up with the idea of selling sportswear?
    So the story of the sites started from Lorna Jane in Australia. Our founder Caroline Lucey moved back to the UK from Lorna Jane in Oz, and she noticed hardly anyone wore activewear in general (whereas in Australia this was a common thing). On seeing a few more people wearing activewear in the following months, Caroline decide to contact Lorna Jane to sell their brand in the UK, an agreement was made as long as she didn’t trade under the Lorna Jane name (as this could be a potential market to enter for them). That’s where birth of Active in Style came from it felt like almost instantly there was a huge demand for this high quality activewear. ActiveMan_Perpetua_018 (1) After the success of selling Lorna Jane to the UK market, many other brands approached Active in Style to sell on their behalf; Running Bare, Jaggad (both Oz brands) and then Onzie to name a few. After which we had gotten the attention of Adidas, Under Armour and Puma who all wanted to work with us.
    Since then we balance lesser known brands we are passionate about and want to push to the market, and the bigger brands who help from a discovery and trust point of view. We’ve been going from strength to strength. L36C9427 (1) Why did you decide to use an improved search in the store? Did Searchanise increase your conversion through the search?
    We run on a Magento platform, and before Searchanise we had a poor standard Magento search. If you had searched black tank tops on our site you’d get some black tanks (usually one’s with “tank” in the name) but often there would be rogue items like blue leggings. Although most importantly not all the black tank tops would appear in that search. It was embarrassing and an area we highlighted which needed to be improved immediately.
    The impact of Searchanise has been vast not only does it provide an accurate search of our product database but the software is highly customisable meaning we can develop the pages to replicate our standard pages. All this being said the most important aspect of an ecommerce site search platform is has it improved our conversion rate. Search results 2017-07-20 15-17-45 In June 2016 using the default site search we had a conversion rate of 3.85% from 1116 sessions (site search sessions only) – magento default plugin in place. ga_2016 In June 2017 using the site search we had a conversion rate of 5.05% from 1841 sessions (again site search sessions only) – when Searchanise was in place. ga_2017 It’s very impressive to see not only our traffic to go up but the conversion rate increasing so substantially is incredible. The best thing about this particular data is the search bar is in an identical location and the increase in sessions would be a natural increase rather than traffic being focused to the search.
    What other tools did you use to increase your store conversion in general?
    The other tools key to helping our sites are Hotjar in terms of understanding our customer journeys, Google analytics is essential, we use an automation email provider called Ometria and then onsite features like shop the look and our ability to use bundles allows us to increase our conversion. Active in Style1 It was a great interview with Tom from Active In Style store. Many store owners pay a lot of attention to their adv campaigns, recommendations and email marketing. These tools are great, and they really help! But try to think about user experience, how easy for customers to find products and buy them. You’ll see that Searchanise is not a search, it’s a sales tool! IMG_6897 P.S. If you want to measure your search effectiveness, read our article about it. And don’t forget to share your results with us: drop a line to

    mail_preview Oleg Silakov
    Product Manager at Searchanise

    How to Measure Search Effectiveness

    Hi there,

    My name is Oleg. I’m a Product Manager of the site search service called Smart Search & Instant Search. My job is to make our application effective for Shopify store owners.

    In my view, the effectiveness of any application is measured in profit that it brings the store owner. Let’s take a site search for example. Econsultancy site research shows that the conversion among the visitors who used a site search is two times higher than among those who browsed through the products catalog. It’s good for store owners, and it sets them a goal—to create a convenient search in the shop to turn visitors into buyers.

    Today, I’ll tell you how it is easy to evaluate the search effectiveness in your store with the help of Google Analytics (GA). GA believes that the search inside the store is an extremely important factor: it provides special “Site Search” reports to analyze the site search traffic.

    Here is what you can analyze via GA:

    • Monitor how often visitors use search on your website (Google Analytics divides visitors into the Visits Without Site Search and Visits With Site Search groups).

    • Measure search conversion and compare it with product catalog.

    • Evaluate the revenue and the average order value in the search.

    • Analyze customers’ behavior who use site search.

    • And the main thing—understand if you need to invest in the search development, and how soon you will return your inv estments.

    3 Steps to Set Up GA for Search Analytics

    1. Turn on Enhanced Ecommerce in the Shopify admin panel
    Go to the Online Stores tab → Preferences and find Google Analytics item. Add your GA code if you still haven’t activated analytics. Searchanise demo ~ Online Store Preferences ~ Shopify 2017-03-03 14-33-54
    2. Turn on Enhanced Ecommerce in the GA admin panel
    Visit Admin pageView tab → Ecommerce set-up. Next, turn on Enable Enhanced Ecommerce. Выделение_404
    3. Turn on Site Search Tracking in the GA panel
    On the previous step, we activated visitor tracking for Ecommerce. Now, go to the Admin pageViewView Settings. Выделение_405 Find and turn on Site Search Tracking on the bottom of the page. In the Query Parameter field, enter the letter “q” that means an internal query parameter in the site searсh. Other search apps could have different query parameters, and you can enter up to five parameters, separated by commas. Read How to identify search query parameters below. Выделение_406

    Great! Now, GA tracks internal search traffic in your store!

    Evaluation of Results

    To view GA reports, open Behaviour tab → Usage. You’ll see the standard analytics reports based on visits. They are not so interesting for the evaluation of the financial efficiency of the search. So, go to the Ecommerce tab and choose to create charts by Revenue option as it shown on the screenshot. Выделение_398

    Now you can get the efficiency graph for your search: Выделение_401

    You have two segments of customers: Visits Without Site Search and Visits With Site Search. Compare clients by the following parameters:

    • Sessions

      Standard measure of how many visitors use search or view catalog.

    • Revenue

      Shows revenue of each segment. GA tracks your customers purchases, and how they made them: through the catalog or through the search. All customers purchases are added up together, which shows the profitability of each segment.

    • Transactions

      It shows how many purchases were made by customers from different segments. GA monitors whether the purchase took place or not, and from what page the user came to the product page.

    • Avg. Order Value

      It’s calculated by dividing Revenue by Transactions.

    • Ecommerce Conversion Rate

      It shows how many clients have made payments. It is calculated by dividing the number of customers in the Sessions column by the number of transactions.

    • Per session value

      Average revenue per visitor. The fewer visitors at a high check per buyer—the higher the parameter.


    It’s clear from our table that the majority of our customers viewed products through the catalog and made more purchases there. However, the customers that bought goods through the search brought more profit, and conversion of these customers was 39% instead of 17%.

    Counting the total profit from all the customers who have purchased through the search, you can see the effectiveness of the internal search in your store!

    We’ll be happy to know the results of your measurements. Join our private community on Facebook Shopify Growth Tips, and share your results!

    mail_preview Oleg Silakov
    Product Manager at Smart Search & Instant Search

    New opportunities for web-stores with Searchanise + Yotpo

    Searchanise+Yotpo_Blog Hi!

    Today, I want to tell you about the services collecting product reviews. I came across 43 applications of this kind in the Shopify App Store. Some of them are free and some cost a lot of money. But there is a service our whole team fell in love with. The service is called Yotpo. It collects reviews from websites, Q&A, social networks, and e-mail messages. We were also pleasantly surprised that Yotpo can use the collected user-generated content (reviews and product ratings) to promote products on social networks.

    We were so pleased with Yotpo that we’ve added its product ratings and comments to Searchanise! Now you can promote your products with the help of the user-generated content from the first letters typed in the search field. Look how cool it looks on the screenshots and demo store! yotpo_integration_1

    The Yotpo team highly appreciated Searchanise bundled with their service. Therefore, they will hold a personal product demo, explain you the extended features and help you develop a strategy for collecting the user-generated content.

    And there’s more! As we begin our partnership with Yotpo, Searchanise customers receive a 20% discount for the paid Yotpo subscription during the first year plus 10% lifetime discount. And Searchanise customers who purchase Yotpo subscription also receive a 50% discount for 6 months for Searchanise PRO!

    Are you ready to collect feedback and promote your products easily? Then write to our team or John-David from Yotpo.

    P.S. If you are already a Yotpo customer, use the Searchanise integration instruction.

    mail_preview Oleg Silakov
    Marketing Manager at Searchanise