Growing from zero to a million dollar business: Suits Outlets experience

Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.

Suits Outlets site

Daniel Liu, President at Suits Outlets, proves that exceptional business can be built in a year only if you really take care of your store and, first of all, think about your customers.

We were happy to have a conversation with Daniel. Have a look at his experience to know:

  • how to reach a million dollar revenue starting with only two people in the team
  • how to increase your store conversion by 60%
  • why it is crucial that customers find products in 5 clicks
  • tips from Suits Outlets experience to research customer behaviour and improve your store


How did it all start?

It was back in early 2017 when I was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked on a project of marketing research in NYC’s men’s fashion industry. I was surprised it was so hard to find a good quality suit under $200 in New York City.

And I’ve been hearing people saying that buying a suit is a big investment, which it really shouldn’t. Every man deserves a couple well designed stylish suits without breaking the bank.


Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse

Suits Outlets Store&Warehouse


How many people were involved into the project?

Back in 2017, we started with just 2 people, one on the engineering side, one on the product side.

What issues did you experience on your way to success?

Since shopping a suit online is different from buying a book, we have to carefully design the user experience to make it easy and useful. So our biggest struggle is designing the website.


Inside Suits Outlets cosy office

Inside Suits Outlets cosy office


After researching existing men’s fashion websites, we believe an ideal shopping experience requires the website to be “flat”, meaning customers can find what they look for in less than 5 clicks and the interface should be simple and no information overwhelm.

Why did you choose Searchanise for your store?

Before using Smart Search & Instant Search, we, just like other Shopify users, experienced a hard time finding a search & filter plugin. We used Instant Search +, Product Filter & Search and a lot of other search plugins, none of them meet our needs completely.

We were even thinking of switching from Shopify to Magento because due to the number of products we have, searching is just so important to us.

With your beautiful interface, we provide great convenience for customers to directly filter suit size/color/styles and make shopping really easy.


Search results page at Suits Outlets store

How did Searchanise affect your store conversion?

Our company was founded in Nov 2017, and when our website started using Smart Search & Instant Search in March 2018, our March sale was 215 orders with 1.04% conversion rate while last month(October) sale was 588 orders with 1.72% conversion rate.

Statistics on raising conversion

Why else do you like our search?

To truly understand what customers think of our storefront, we send out surveys and ask customers for the shopping experience. We are glad to see a lot of customers like the way they can search and easily, fastly find what they are looking for:

Customer research data by Suits Outlets


Which Searchanise features work for your business?

We currently use:

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Filter
  • Suggestion dictionary
  • Synonyms

Searchanise widgets at Suits Outlets store

The most important feature we need from Searchanise is filtering. For example, a customer is looking for a black 3 piece suit in 42 Regular, preferable in pinstripe design. With Searchanise, it is just a few clicks away from what they expected.

We use Shopify’s auto collection feature along with Searchanise filter, the whole process of integrating is automatic.

Considering we are constantly updating product catalog, it saves a huge amount of time and no manual maintenance is needed. Amazing!

What are your business plans for the nearest future?

In early 2019, we will work directly with more manufacturers on introducing new styles while keeping prices affordable. Other priorities include optimizing CRM, implementing customer behavior(clickstream) analysis, etc.



Suits Outlets office, outside

Great Suits Outlets office, outside


I feel very lucky to work with great companies like Searchanise and they made it possible for us to move fast and break things.

Final words

We are proud to share our experience of growing from zero to a million dollar business in 1 year, and without Smart Search & Instant Search, it will not be possible.

Daniel hopes their experience can help others as well. The Suits Outlets story is so inspiring that we are sure it can!

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