New September features and improvements


Hi there,

We had a lot of things to do in September. We’ve added a new complex sales and optimization tool, detailed email reports, filter improvements on demand, and integrations with several hot apps. Let’s talk about them all.  

Usergroup rules  

Let’s suppose you’d like to divide your store into wholesale and retail parts and show wholesale and retail customers different pricing. No extra apps are needed for this now!  

If you have customers and products tagged wholesale, you can set up the necessary rule just in a few clicks. Just go to Searchanise admin panel -> Preferences -> Usergroup rules section to find the settings.  


See other examples of using Usergroup rules in the article that we’ve prepared for you. Set up VIP pricing, hide specific products from a selected group of customers, perform any experiments you want and see how it affects your sales! 

Email reports 

We are sure you know it’s crucial to track the effectiveness of any tool you use. You no longer need to bother about checking Searchanise analytics. We’ll send you all the relevant information regularly with our new email reports. 

Just go to Searchanise admin panel -> Analytics -> Settings and choose to receive reports once a week (by default), once a month or never. Handy, isn’t it? 

Searchanise email reports

If there were less than 10 clicks on products and suggestions in Searchanise within a period, an analytics email won’t be sent to you.  

Filter improvements  

Filters by product options are finally available! Add the appropriate options separated by commas to the Searchanise admin panel -> Filters -> Settings -> Filters by options field.  


Want more? Many customers asked us to have an opportunity to show filters closed from the start. Now we are crossing this feature off our to-do list!  

Set it up in Searchanise admin panel -> Search results widget -> Filters -> Default Desktop View. Here is how the results look.  

Searchanise filters closed

Don’t forget to click Apply changes in order to save the settings. As for me, I did. :) 


We are proud to integrate with more popular apps you asked us to have a look at. Here they are. 

     It switches conversion in your store automatically depending on your customer geolocation. 

     The integration with this extra hot default Shopify review app is finally available. 

     This app showcases reviews and allows to add stunning review galleries to your store. 

By the way, Loox still offers a free month of using their service to all Searchanise subscribers. Just follow this link to use the offer. 

All the integrations are activated easily in Searchanise admin panel -> Integrations section. 

What’s more? 

  • You know we are constantly working on search speed improvement. We managed to optimize the servers again so that Searchanise worked even faster on your stores! 
  • If you’d like to read some tips from our clients, have a look at the article where Home Bar Classics shares their experience on keeping up with the changing technologies. 


The features you can expect soon 

  • complex filter improvements you’ll fall in love with 
  • automatic recommendation blocks 

Hope you liked our new features! Feel free to contact us with any questions and suggestions at


Home Bar Classics: How Searchanise helps a starting business to grow and keep up with the changing market

We have something from our clients experience to share with you again! Guys from Home Bar Classics take care of the comfort in your home by offering home bar furnishings and décor.

There are only four people in the project at the moment but they already managed to carve out a solid niche and are constantly working on improving their service. And, as the project owner Maxim Nekhoda stated, Searchanise is one of the key tools that they rely on.

We were happy to have a talk with Maxim and know more about Home Bar Classics way to success from the very start of the business.

home bar classics home Choosing Ecommerce

We were looking for a way to prove the market before making a major investment in inventory and physical assets. During our research we came across fulfillment by drop shipping as a business model and decided to experiment with the idea.

We quickly realized the scalability potential of e-shopping versus traditional retail and began to optimize and expand our initial experiment.
Today we conduct all of our sales online and are striving to expand our market share. Our store is doing great! We’ve successfully established a strong product base and are working to expand our inventory and reach.

We want to make sure that our growth is sustainable and that we do not sacrifice quality or customer care for the sake of rapid expansion.
The biggest struggle

Our biggest struggle is keeping up with changing technology and shifting markets. The platforms we use are very flexible which demands constant attention and tweaking.

There is no such thing as “build it and forget it”.
We’re always experimenting with new automation software, better marketing strategies and improved web functionality. We do our best to stay ahead of the curve, which is difficult when the target is always moving. Our greatest allies are smart automation apps which are well maintained by the developers to keep up with the changing tech. home bar classics searchanise Impact from using Searchanise

We began experimenting with enhanced search plugins shortly after implementing collection filers in our onsite store. A major influx in product tags proved too much for our existing search function, causing slow search responses and poor user experience.

The Smart Search & Instant Search app proved to be the best solution to our problem by far. Our website response time improved dramatically, searches became much more detailed and relevant, and we saw an increase in sales.
We tried a number of other search apps before settling on Smart Search & Instant Search, and were severely disappointed by the alternatives. We can state with confidence that this is the best enhanced search solution on the market. The difference in quality is nothing short of remarkable. home bar classics searchanise Conversion changes

At the moment we average between 2 and 3 sales per day. There are of course some fluctuations with this metric. Conversions from direct searches make up approximately 15% of all our sales.

Prior to implementing the Smart Search & Instant Search plugin we did not make a single conversion from our existing search function.
I personally believe that displaying the sale price in the instant search results lead the improved conversion rate. Thanks to Smart Search our promotional pricing is much more visible. The search results page is also much better presented, improving the overall aesthetic of our store. We absolutely love it.

Favourite Searchanise features

Our favorite feature by far is the instant search widget. Displaying real time search results dramatically improved our ability to connect our customers with the right product. ho,e bar classics searchanise Synonyms is another function which we believe to be absolutely essential. As smart as the app may be, there is no substitution for human analysis and nuance. Having the ability to cross-map related words is incredibly powerful, and gives us unparalleled control in helping our products get discovered.

Other conversion tools Home Bar Classics likes

In addition to Smart Search & Instant Search we also use conversion tools offered by the Zotabox app series. Zotabox allows us to set expiring coupon codes and announce flash sales in a persistent top banner on our website. We also have the option to include a countdown timer for all limited time offers to incentivize faster conversions.

Other useful apps we use include Consistent Cart, Privy + MailChimp, Product Reviews, Product Question & Answers and Compass. Additionally we run several automation apps to help us sync inventory and update advertising campaigns.

Plans for the future

Our business plans are currently focused on growth. We spent a lot of time developing our core platform to easily accommodate volume and scalability.

Thanks in part to Smart Search & Instant Search we can now focus on expanding our inventory and growing our business without worrying about our website keeping up with the growth. We’ve worked hard to create as much breathing room as we can, and will be taking full advantage of this aspect in the coming months.

Message to Searchanise audience

If you’re looking for an excellent long-term search solution that scales with your inventory and your site, give Smart Search & Instant Search a try. We’ve closely evaluated many alternatives, and are yet to find a better fit.

From integration, to functionality, to aesthetics, to pricing Smart Search is a winner hands down. It is always much easier to start with a quality product than rebuild later down the line.

Feel free to share your feedback on Home Bar Classics experience and tips! And if you have your own story to tell, we’ll be happy to hear it.

Want more? Have a look at Pixel Empire, Zoobgear and Active in Style stories.

Searchanise + Loox: double your conversion boost

loox searchanise Looking for the ways to convert more visitors into paying customers this autumn? We know you always do.

With our new integration you can not only add social proof to your store but also make it look more stylish and trustworthy! Meet Loox – Photo reviews.

Loox is a photo reviews app that empowers Shopify merchants to collect tons of visual reviews from happy customers and create elegant online stores shoppers can trust. Loox generates significantly more reviews with photos and displays them in stunning review galleries boosting credibility, trust, conversions and sales.

Loox review gallery Just 3 clicks and the integration is enabled. You’ll see Loox reviews in search results and will be able to filter by star ratings.

Tip: As you are the part of the Searchanise family, Loox kindly offers you a free month of using their service! Click this link to take advantage of the Loox offer.

New features. August edition

We took time to prepare new features that you eagered to have in Searchanise. Just have a look at the hottest Shopify improvements.

Infinite scrolling

Allow your customers to see and buy even more products found by Searchanise! Now you can enable infinite scrolling instead of the standard pagination and facilitate surfing through the stock of your store. All your customers will need to do is just to click the Show more button. infinite scrolling searchanise To activate the setting go to Search Results Widget -> Content -> General -> Enable infinite scrolling.
By the way, it works in smart navigation too.

New recommendation block: Customers who bought this product also bought

We’ve added a new recommendation block used on best ecommerce resources like eBay and Amazon. Enable this block and promote even more products of your store! searchanise recommendations The block recommends products bought by other customers along with a viewed product within the same purchase. Please note that the Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought widget works only for product pages.

The new block is available in the Recommendations section of the Searchanise admin panel. Here is the detailed instruction on how to insert the block to product pages of your store.

Showing images for relevant product variants

We’ve added the setting allowing to show the image for the relevant product variant in search results. To enable the setting go to Searchanise admin panel -> Preferences -> Show relevant product variant. searchanise shopify product variants The feature is in beta now. Feel free to contact us with any feedback so that it worked perfect (if it does not now).

Preorder status for products in search results

We’ve found out that standard In-stock and Out of stock statuses were just not enough to describe product state. Now if you have products with 0 quantity and the Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock setting is enabled for them, the Preorder status will be shown for such products in Searchanise search results. searchanise product statuses Remember to re-index your store after enabling the Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock setting for specific products to update Searchanise results.

Default sorting for search results

As our customers found it profitable to set a default sorting for smart navigation, we’ve added the same improvement to the search results widget. default sorting searchanise For example, if you want your customers to see bestsellers first in search results, just set the default sorting as the Bestselling one. This is one of the best ways to promote your bestsellers (see also product recommendations).

Multiple labels in search results

Only one custom label used to be shown in the search results widget at a time. Now you can add several custom labels to products in the search result widget. searchanise labels Up to 4 labels can be displayed for 1 product at the same time. Label position is set up in the label settings (Search results widget -> Product labels -> Edit): multiple labels
BEST Currency Converter integration

BEST Currency Converter is an extremely poplular app allowing to change currencies on your storefront. The app makes it easily by automatically converting currency based on your customer location.

The integration allows to change currency in Searchanise according to BEST Currency Converter work. Here you can find the article on how to enable the integration. Just 3 steps and you’re ready!

best currency converter searchanise integration What is more, we’ve improved mobile-friendliness of search results. Now Searchanise automatically chooses the number of columns in the search results widget depending on the device you use and its screen.

Some other minor improvements:

  • pagination for search results in categories and pages
  • Set out of stock products in the end of results list setting for smart navigation
  • showing indexation status and indexation speed improvement

  • Miss interviews with Searchanise users? At the moment we’re working on the new article where guys from Home Bar Classics shared their Searchanise experience. Just wait a little and meantime see our previous article about how Pixel Empire increased their conversion with Searchanise.

    Stay tuned, we are about to make Searchanise even better!

    Searchanise subscription vs. one-time purchase

    Along with the Searchanise subscription you can find one-time purchase add-ons on CS-Cart and Magento marketplaces. As our clients ask us about the reason why they should choose Searchanise instead of non-subscription solutions, we’ve prepared the comparison chart that will make your choice easier.

    Why should you choose to pay monthly instead of one-time purchase?

    Server expenses
    Saves you money on hosting expenses. As Searchanise is a SaaS solution, Searchanise widgets are rendered from our servers. They won’t make any additional load to your server. Creates a considerable server load. It makes you choose a more expensive hosting plan and pay more monthly. The difference may cost you more than Searchanise subscription (Searchanise costs from USD 9/month).
    No need to buy updates. All the new versions with new functionality and bugs fixed are available for free. Free access to updates is time-limited. You’ll have to purchase new versions regularly to keep the add-on up-to-date.
    Fully free support and compatibility assistance. Plus Custom CSS assistance for changing the look and feel of the widgets. Free support is time-limited. When warranty expires, you have to pay for consulting and fixing issues.
    Free trial
    Searchanise offers 14 day free trial for CS-Cart and Magento and 30 trial days for Magento 2. You can check how it works exactly in your store. No free trial. You can check only demos. It may vary from the real store experience.
    Store breaks
    Does not affect your store core files. All Searchanise files are located on our servers. So you don’t need to worry that Searchanise will break something in your store inner functionality. Is installed to your server and interacts with your store files. Some add-ons may affect the core of your store.
    Data backup
    All your settings and store analytics are kept safe on Searchanise servers. If you accidentally or intentionally delete Searchanise and decide to re-install it, all the data will automatically be restored.
    Btw, you can easily download analytics for any time period from the Searchanise admin panel.
    Settings and analytics are not backed up. If you re-install an add-on, you’ll have to set it up from scratch. The analytics data will be lost.
    Searchanise provides a bundle of promo features available for free for all the Pro plans.

    Product merchandising

    It allows to change the order of search results.

    Synonyms and redirects

    These features allow to choose what exactly to show in search results for a specific search query.
      Synonyms allow set the same search results for different search queries.
      Redirects allow to direct your customers to any site or page of your store.

    Suggestion dictionary

    It allows to add your own suggestions to the automatically generated ones and set their order.

    Search results in pages and categories

    With Searchanise your customers can also search by categories, pages and articles of your store. This feature is included to Searchanise by default and provided for free.
    No promo features offered or extra fees for the promo functionality. In some cases extra add-ons are required.

    Still have doubts? Use our trial and contact us with any questions. You can leave anytime you want but you will not want to, we promise.

    New April features

    We’ve released a bunch of cool and highly requested features for Shopify stores in April. Most of them are promo-related so do not miss the chance to increase your store convresion with Searchanise.

    Here they are.


    Personalization allows to form specific product suggestions for each customer based on product views. To enable it go to Searchanise admin panel → Preferences → General.


    Personalization is in beta and free to use now. Feel free to check it yourself.

    Most Popular Products block

    Last time we’ve released a brand new recommendation feature. It allows to add a Similar Products, New products or Featured products block to your store.

    Most Popular Products recommendation block shows bestselling products of your store to your customers. Set it up in the Recommendations section and embed to any page of your store.

    Screenshot (15)

    To use this feature please update Searchanise permissions for order processing. You’ll see the corresponding notification in the Searchanise admin panel.


    Bestselling sorting

    Now you can also promote your store bestsellers by allowing customers to sort search results and collection products in smart navigation by bestselling products.


    To use this sorting you’ll also need to update Searchanise permissions.

    Show popular suggestions on click

    Promote products through search even if your customers have not typed a letter yet! The new setting allows you to show 5 popular suggestions in the search input upon click. Go to Searchanise admin panel -> Instant search widget and enable the Show popular suggestions on click setting and check it.

    Screenshot (17)

    The feature works when there are more than 5 suggestions set up in the Suggestion dictionary.

    Additional product info in search results

    Now you can show an additional attribute (for example, vendor) in search results. Choose the attribute in the Display additional product field setting in the Search results widget →  Content section of the Searchanise admin panel.


    The attribute name can be changed in the Translations section of the Searchanise admin panel (Additional product field).

    Have questions or suggestions on the new functionality? You’re very welcome to contact us at