Searchanise + Plobal Apps: Try Searchanise for mobile apps

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Hi there,

Do you know that most visitors tend to come to your store from mobiles? Would you like to make their experience even brighter with a mobile app?

We’re happy to announce that Plobal Apps now integrates Searchanise technology in their mobile apps.

Plobal helps to create cool native mobile apps for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. It uses the most cutting-edge technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence to power mobile experience for some of the biggest businesses on Shopify.

Plobal Apps features:

  • Smart Filters, 
  • Flash Sale Banners, 
  • Abandoned Cart Push Notifications, 
  • Multi-Currency 
  • 100+ more

Now Searchanise high-relevance search results are available for the Plobal customers. If you use Searchanise on your Shopify store, you can now integrate it with your Shopify mobile app too.

Why else should you trust Plobal Apps? They have 240+ reviews on the app store with 5 star ones prevailing. So customers seem to really like it. :)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR SEARCHANISE SUBSCRIBERS: 30% discount for all annual plans of Plobal Apps. Find the discount code below.

Enter it on the payment summary page while making the purchase.

The app is available on the Shopify App Store. Feel free to check it out!