Searchanise + SocialShopWave: 2 all-in-one solutions instead of multiple apps


Hi there,

Christmas holidays are over and we’re already working hard to make Searchanise even more superpowerful.

Just remember killer features that we added in 2018:


Today I’m ready to present to you another integration that many of our customers asked for. Have you searched for a complex solution for acquiring traffic, driving sales for Shopify sites and boosting social sharing on your Shopify store?

Meet SocialShopWave which combines functionality of several extra-useful apps in one app.

About SocialShopWave

SocialShopWave is an all-in-one solution for driving social shares and new traffic to your site, creating viral engagement, collecting leads, etc.

The following suite of social apps can help your business grow:

  • Social Login,
  • Photo reviews,
  • Wishlist,
  • Social Sharing,
  • Loyalty and Rewards,
  • Shop Instagram and UGC,
  • Community,
  • Automated Emails

and many others.

Shopify Reviews by SocialShopWave

You will be able to convert photo reviews, wishlists, interests, behaviours, and data into sales.

On top of it, it allows to reward customers with loyalty points and launch your own referral program. Moreover, this great all-rounder will allow you not only to integrate the features you want, but also things you had not even thought of.

Integration with Searchanise

We’ve successfully integrated with SocialShopWave photo reviews. That means you can see product ratings and the number of reviews in Searchanise widgets and also filter search results by reviews.

Just a couple of clicks and the integration is enabled. See the detailed instruction here.

Special offer

SocialShopWave has prepared something special for all Searchanise customers. You can enjoy an exclusive extended 60 day trial instead of 30 day one.

To use the offer install SocialShopWave by following this link.


Feel free to share your thoughts about the new integration or any other things you’d like to let us know about! Leave a comment or write directly to