Searchanise subscription vs. one-time purchase

Along with the Searchanise subscription you can find one-time purchase add-ons on CS-Cart and Magento marketplaces. As our clients ask us about the reason why they should choose Searchanise instead of non-subscription solutions, we’ve prepared the comparison chart that will make your choice easier.

Why should you choose to pay monthly instead of one-time purchase?

Server expenses
Saves you money on hosting expenses. As Searchanise is a SaaS solution, Searchanise widgets are rendered from our servers. They won’t make any additional load to your server. Creates a considerable server load. It makes you choose a more expensive hosting plan and pay more monthly. The difference may cost you more than Searchanise subscription (Searchanise costs from USD 9/month).
No need to buy updates. All the new versions with new functionality and bugs fixed are available for free. Free access to updates is time-limited. You’ll have to purchase new versions regularly to keep the add-on up-to-date.
Fully free support and compatibility assistance. Plus Custom CSS assistance for changing the look and feel of the widgets. Free support is time-limited. When warranty expires, you have to pay for consulting and fixing issues.
Free trial
Searchanise offers 14 day free trial for CS-Cart and Magento and 30 trial days for Magento 2. You can check how it works exactly in your store. No free trial. You can check only demos. It may vary from the real store experience.
Store breaks
Does not affect your store core files. All Searchanise files are located on our servers. So you don’t need to worry that Searchanise will break something in your store inner functionality. Is installed to your server and interacts with your store files. Some add-ons may affect the core of your store.
Data backup
All your settings and store analytics are kept safe on Searchanise servers. If you accidentally or intentionally delete Searchanise and decide to re-install it, all the data will automatically be restored.
Btw, you can easily download analytics for any time period from the Searchanise admin panel.
Settings and analytics are not backed up. If you re-install an add-on, you’ll have to set it up from scratch. The analytics data will be lost.
Searchanise provides a bundle of promo features available for free for all the Pro plans.

Product merchandising

It allows to change the order of search results.

Synonyms and redirects

These features allow to choose what exactly to show in search results for a specific search query.
    Synonyms allow set the same search results for different search queries.
    Redirects allow to direct your customers to any site or page of your store.

Suggestion dictionary

It allows to add your own suggestions to the automatically generated ones and set their order.

Search results in pages and categories

With Searchanise your customers can also search by categories, pages and articles of your store. This feature is included to Searchanise by default and provided for free.
No promo features offered or extra fees for the promo functionality. In some cases extra add-ons are required.

Still have doubts? Use our trial and contact us with any questions. You can leave anytime you want but you will not want to, we promise.