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Two months ago, Jan 23, we released the Searchanise app built specifically to enrich the product search for WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin. You asked us, and we made it. The application is seamlessly embedded on WordPress/WooCommerce and has its own admin panel that does not require additional customization to fit the platform. The core functionality of the Smart Search is made considering the latest design trends. However, you are free to make it unique to comply with your brand overall look and feel.

Meanwhile, you get acquaintance with the Woocommerce Search plugin storefront: and admin panel:, let me introduce what the actual Smart WooCommerce Search is. Look at this simple but powerful dashboard from the inside.

Nothing diverts your attention, only the most relevant functions are there. Let see them in more details.
Functionality powered by Searchanise to delight the WooCommerce websites
Relevant search with autocomplete and suggestions
As your customer types in the search box, the Search Results Widget shows relevant products, categories, and pages with pagination, 2 views, and 5 sortings.

Look at how sorting is implemented on this website:
An unlimited number of customizable filters let the entrepreneur adjust price, availability, vendor, product type, tags, and reviews.

The Instant Search Widget setting makes it possible to modify Colors, Content, Sticky widget, Translations, Product Labels, Custom HTML, and Custom CSS. The Content tab allows you to set suggestions:
If nothing is found matching to the user request, Smart Search will offer relevant offers or tips complying with the request using synonyms. While a user is typing in the search bar, the word in search can be autocompleted with the corresponding ending. You can additionally adjust the Stop Words setting. The stop-word list helps the shoppers to achieve more relevant search results. The words from this list will be filtered out, and won't be taken into consideration. By default, the articles "a", "the", and some prepositions are considered as the stop words.

There is one more useful option for Smart Search. It is called a Sticky Widget. This option makes it feasible to diversify the standard search by getting the search box stuck to any place on the page of the storefront: top or bottom right and left. Product labels help to draw the attention of your customers on your special offers and speed up the conversion rate on the website.

To avoid zero results, apply 'Did you mean' suggestion.

That is how you can see this all-in-one search widget on the real WooCommerce website:
The Searchanise merchandising is keyword-driven. It lets you assign keywords to products. You can apply this feature to enhance more relevant customers' requests to the same product. With the help of merchandising functionality, you can show a product ranked higher in the search if it gets into the search results, or matches the particularly assigned keyword. You can also give the product a low priority and put it to the bottom of the search results. That is how a merchant can tailor the ranking of his products using Searchanise functionality. Isn't it a great idea to rank what you need? Below are the products shown in the search in accordance with ranking.
With smart analytics, it is easy to rack your website performance and search history since the very start of your store. The WordPress Smart Search plugin will get the insights of your customers: what they explore and what they discover. You will be able to monitor the effectiveness of your promotions, suggestions and other merchandising actions. The analytics will help you to make informed decisions about how to improve your WooCommerce website and boost conversions with the help of a wisely finetuned search.

Smart Search plugin is the detailed and visualized tool to gather the insights and analyze customer behaviour for any period in the past since its activation.
Extra Perks:
Simple Installation
It won't require any development skills to embed Smart Search plugin or change the layout or design. After set up you just start running the app and increasing your conversion through the search with one click.
Real-Time Indexation
The WooCommerce instant search will never leave your website without updating. Every time you put changes you'll be notified about the necessity to re-index the content. When a new product appears in the catalog, the Smart Search plugin immediately adds it to the index.
Multilingual Search
Smart Search can automatically detect the language and give out relevant results. It supports Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Cyrillic. After translating it matches the entered word with the products you sell. So, you don't need to use multiple languages to run the store. Thus, with that multiple-language approach, you can cover a wider audience with new customers from all over the world.
Mobile-Adapted App
Searchanise's instant search widget for mobile devices uses UI elements and touch gestures. All features, including but not limited to, Smart Search instants search, search results, are mobile friendly. The app understands gestures like swipe and pinch.
Load-Sustainable Shop
The Searchanise app serves 8000+ customers originating from 30+ countries and processes over 3 million searches daily throughout 5 years. Smart Search for Woocommerce as compared with the default WordPress search solution and other custom search plugins, does not put an extra load on the server, even in the case of an inventory of 300,000+ products.
Affordable Pricing
The WooCommerce instant smart search is available free of charge during a 14-day trial period when you can explore all of Smart Search premium features.

Product search and other core functionality are available for FREE to stores with up to 25 products. Our Paid Plans include:

Up to 25,000 products — $3.9/month or $29/year (38% discount for annual payments).

Up to 50,000 products — $7.9/month or $59/year (38% discount for annual payments).

Contact us if you manage a store with an inventory of more than 50,000 products.
Customers who have already tried WooCommerce Smart and Instant Search solution report the much better search results than the native default functionality. They are very impressed with the high speed of the app installation which does not exceed 15 minutes in the common case. This is a real plug-and-play extension. The search results consider the content of the entire website, not only the product page. Besides, the result output speed and quality cannot leave anybody unsatisfied even in case of a heavily populated store. The indexation ability is often mentioned as a very useful functionality, and it is better that is provided out of the box. Custom rules and affordable price are frequently mentioned among the advantages of the Searchanise Search app for WooCommerce. A nice feature is an ability to put a label on a widget in the search. You can show the discount or the list price and encourage the customer to purchase fast and effortless. The interface is user-friendly. You don't have to be a programmer to finetune all settings on the dashboard, but for an experienced admin, it may take less than one hour. The amount of the Searchanise default features are quite enough to get the search on your WooCommerce website easy and pleasant.

The WooCommerce search plugin by Searchanise exists two months only, but it has been already positively estimated! Try the app, and tell us your opinion!
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