Searchanise is the search
every Shopify Plus store needs

Best search features for Shopify Plus

  • Unlimited number of searches per month

  • Real-time products sync and catalog indexation

  • All-time analitycs

Full-text search


Searchanise offers robust, relevant, and filterable full-text search. Finding the right product in a 100 000-product store takes just 1 second

Searchanise does more than just search

What our customers saying

Over million searches within 3,800+ webstores every day!

We have over 10,000 Japanese anime designs, and the current Shopify search engine is not robust enough.

By installing Searchanise, we help our customers quickly search by anime collection or character name. This helps customers find items and checkout faster.

Before, customers had to ask us products via email, but now they find the results much easier, as well as get suggestions about other related items.

Jon Woo, senior business development manager at

We are actually very satisfied with Serchanise and how it works. Really easy to use and the help has always being right on time. We haven’t really used all of Searchanise features, but they all complete a really round app. :D We really like the forum of help as well. Thanks for the app! :D

Jurgen Feuchter, web developer at

I can’t think of anything that you could improve on your great service. Sure, you can work on mobile-optimized search and search quality improvements but these are fields that will always need improving.

The search features you offer, automated completion, suggestions, suggestions with pics and more info are unique
to my opinion and make Searchanise the best search service I have ever seen.

Ilias Papadopoulos, owner of

This is the ONLY APP I’ve found that can handle partial-word searches (you know, that really basic function vital to all websites with more than 3 products that Shopify has mysteriously left out of their functionality.)

This app does a lovely job and allows customers to search partial words, SKU numbers and can even handle synonyms! I highly recommend it, especially since Shopify refuses to do ANYTHING about this giant hole in their service…

Laura, web designer and marketer for the business at

Great, it all looks awesome :-)

Loving the app—just missing statistics on search, that’s all. Do keep me in the loop on this step of development, please!

Amanda, marketing director at

Our customer cases

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How Sport Equipment Store Increased Conversion by 45% on the Orders through Search.

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How guys from Active In Style store doubled their revenue through the search

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How Store Search Influences Your Sales

Priority support

Support tickets from Enterprise and Shopify Plus customers are allways first in line to be served. If you are a Shopify Plus subscriber, Searchanise developers will investigate and fix issues directly in your store.

Priority support means faster responses and developer
assistance on demand.

Dedicated server

We have servers reserved specifically for Enterprise and Premium Plus stores. These servers are much less crowded than the ones used by Pro or Pro Plus stores, which makes for faster indexation and search.

Enterprise’s dedicated hosting is business class for stores.

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Feature list

PRO PLUS Enterprise
Monthly price $20.3 / mo $29 / mo save $104.4 annually $34.3 / mo $49 / mo save $176.4 annually $55.3 / mo $79 / mo save $284.4 annually $69.3 / mo $99 / mo save $356.4 annually $132.3 / mo $189 / mo save $680.4 annually
Catalog size Indicates the maximum allowed number of items in your catalog. 2,000 products 7,000 products 20,000 products 50,000 products 50,000+ products
Number of searches per month Unlimited
Search through products, categories, and pages
Instant search suggestions From the very first typed character, Searchanise ships smart search suggestions and product previews.
Smart navigation through Shopify collections Searchanise adds advanced filters to your store catalog. hot
Premium hostinghot
Instant spellcheck
Customizable instant search widget
Custom CSS
“Did you mean” hints
Built-in control panel
Real-time catalog indexation
Search analytics All-time
Stop words
Keyword-based redirects
Products recommendation blockshot
Product labelshot
Custom filters based on Shopify collectionshot
Quick viewhot
Langify integration Import langify translations for search and navigation widgets. hot
Support Higher Priority Top Priority
Dedicated server
API access

Use advanced search in your store now, pick up a plan later