Enterprise-level features at affordable price

Searchanise has an affordable option for a store of any size

All the Searchanise features for $9 per month. The subscription price only depends on the number of products in your store. Here’s what you get on all plans:

Equally fast search

Unlimited number of searches per month

Real-time products sync and catalog indexation

All-time analytics

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Feature list

Starter PRO
Monthly price Free $6,3 / mo $9 / mo save $32,4 annually $12,6 / mo $18 / mo save $64,8 annually $18,9 / mo $27 / mo save $97,2 annually $37,8 / mo $54 / mo save $194,4 annually
Catalog size Indicates the maximum allowed number of items in your catalog. 25 products 500 products 5,000 products 25,000 products 50,000 products
Number of searches per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Search through products
Instant search suggestions From the very first typed character, Searchanise Pro ships smart search suggestions and product previews.
Instant spellcheck
Customizable instant search widget
“Did you mean” hints
Built-in control panel
Product labels
Search through categories, pages, and blog posts Feature available for the build-in blogs in Shopify and CS-Cart.
Support & compatibility assistance
Real-time catalog indexation
Search history
Stop words
Keyword-based redirects
Custom CSS
Custom HTML in the instant search widget
Get it now Free trial Free trial Free trial Free trial
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Is there a free trial?

Sure! You’re welcome to try all the Searchanise Pro features for 14 days. No credit card needed.

Does Searchanise collect my private data?

Absolutely not. Searchanise collects only public data: product and category descriptions, prices, and page content. The only private thing we know about you is your email.

Credit card payments are processed by BlueSnap, a secure payment gateway, so we never even see your credit card number.

How do I subscribe?

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. Follow this simple instruction from our support portal.

I can’t find the PayPal option in BlueSnap’s payment form. You do accept PayPal, don’t you?

Sure, we do! It’s just that BlueSnap doesn’t. To pay with PayPal, please contact us using the Feedback form in your Searchanise control panel. We will create a custom payment form for you.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact us.

Can I pay for a full year ahead or make a one-time payment?

Sorry, Searchanise Pro is a monthly subscription only. We don’t want to force any long-term obligations on our customers.

The monthly subscription model allows you to opt out any time, though we hope you never have to.

I have a problem! Where can I get help?

We’ve collected solutions for some common issues in our Knowledge Base. If the answer’s not there, use the Feedback form in your Searchanise control panel to reach our support team.

In urgent situations, mention @searchanise on Twitter to speed up the investigation.

Can you add this one really useful feature?

We’ll be happy to! Please share your ideas on the Searchanise support portal.