Smart Search For Better Sales

Increase sales by giving the best search results to your customers!

Instant search

Searchanise shows product previews, relevant categories, pages, and search suggestions as you type.

Fast full-text search

In a store of 100 000 products, Searchanise finds relevant products, categories, and pages in 1 second.

Beyond search

Use Searchanise's control panel to fine-tune your search: define synonyms and stopwords, promote products, show ads.

Improve customer service with search analytics

The Searchanise analytics shows your most searched products and categories,
evaluates search suggestion effectiveness, and helps eliminate zero-result searches.

Dedicated mobile search widget

Product search at your fingertips

For phones and tablets, Searchanise offers a dedicated mobile interface that has been designed from scratch specifically for mobile devices. It uses familiar gestures like swipe and pinch and works on all major platforms.

We have over 10,000 Japanese anime designs, and the current Shopify search engine is not robust enough.

By installing Searchanise, we help our customers quickly search by anime collection or character name. This helps customers find items and checkout faster.

Before, customers had to ask us products via email, but now they find the results much easier, as well as get suggestions about other related items.

Jon Woo, senior business development manager at

We are actually very satisfied with Serchanise and how it works. Really easy to use and the help has always being right on time. We haven’t really used all of Searchanise features, but they all complete a really round app. :D We really like the forum of help as well. Thanks for the app! :D

Jurgen Feuchter, web developer at

I can’t think of anything that you could improve on your great service. Sure, you can work on mobile-optimized search and search quality improvements but these are fields that will always need improving.

The search features you offer, automated completion, suggestions, suggestions with pics and more info are unique
to my opinion and make Searchanise the best search service I have ever seen.

Ilias Papadopoulos, owner of

This is the ONLY APP I’ve found that can handle partial-word searches (you know, that really basic function vital to all websites with more than 3 products that Shopify has mysteriously left out of their functionality.)

This app does a lovely job and allows customers to search partial words, SKU numbers and can even handle synonyms! I highly recommend it, especially since Shopify refuses to do ANYTHING about this giant hole in their service…

Laura, web designer and marketer for the business at

Great, it all looks awesome :-)

Loving the app—just missing statistics on search, that’s all. Do keep me in the loop on this step of development, please!

Amanda, marketing director at