How to manage an e-commerce business in the e-skeptic market



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We’re ready to show you another story from our great new customer.

Tommy Regan is the CEO at Audio Design and a Nascar professional car racer. He really loves his work being a developer and the manager at once.

We were happy to have a talk with him and here is what Tommy shared with us.

A car stereo business in an e-skeptic market

This is a weird phenomenon in the car stereo business as a lot of manufacturers do not want to sell their products online, only to a couple of places. The reason is that the car stereo has a lot of returns: people buy it, they use it, and then return it.


To have consistent growth in such industry, pay attention to the following points:

  • Business communication: it is very important, everybody is talking to each other to be on the same page;

    Communication is key inside of our business. It is not necessarily how I want to grow, it is how I can manage everybody in the company and, then, still grow.
  • Calendar: keep the calendar correct;
  • Cost of everything;
  • Resource management.

I almost have done with my Project Management Institute. I am using a lot of my skills and a lot of my talents now to make sure that we keep stable growth not having everybody upset, trying to keep no arguments.

Experience with Searchanise

We used Shopify prior to Searchanise to populate products but realized it was not enough. That is why we switched to Searchanise.

I found you, guys, that is so much better than what Shopify has for the collections. There was no filter capability. Filtering became necessary. If you gonna have a thousand products or more, the filters are starting to become very relevant. We needed to do that. So, after 400 of products or so I started to look for a better search engine for our website.

I looked at a couple of other applications and I chose yours. I believe some of the other ones were charging per search so if I put the product on our site, they were going to charge us an unlimited amount for how many people used it and that was a big turnoff.

It was my decision because we cannot afford to leave our site just open-ended. We don’t know how many people are going to come to our site and not buy. It was too large of the gamble for me to even think about looking into it.


But after I found Searchanise that was the deciding factor for why I went with you, guys, and I was hoping it is gonna be a good product. I was hoping that it is going to do what we need when it definitely did.

The Searchanise did a very good job of automatic populating. I was extremely impressed, extremely happy to have it.

Plans for 2019

We have not launched completely. We are still adding products to our store.

We are almost at the point to start on loading marketing and really push forward. It is taking us a couple of months to fine-tune everything in our store.

A big goal

Although we have an edge on our competition in the car stereo business, we are looking to obviously take it as biggest as it can and we are looking to grow to be pretty large in 2019 and then quite a few years to come. We are going to grow as fast as we can, we would try to keep the balance of everything.

A message for Searchanise users

I would definitely recommend the app for other Shopify owners, and the features give us everything that we need. I like the products how they pop up in the search bar. That is a big attraction. I am very happy about the app all the way around. You, guys, are great for our business!

Tommy is taking the first steps in using Searchanise for his e-commerce store and he has already realized the app value for his business. We wish Tommy success on his project further development. No doubt, it will keep on growing, and we will stand by side in making his big goal come true!

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