How Store Search Influences Your Sales
Do you know that about 30% of online shoppers use search to navigate through a store? These shoppers may be 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Buyers that prefer to use search instead of clicking through a product catalog in the store may be on the final stage of the buying process and looking for a specific product or information about it. Econsultancy data shows that an average conversion through the search is 4.63% compared to 2.77% through the catalog.

Here in Smart Search and Instant Search (Searchanise), we're sure that a proper search may boost conversion rates and highly increase sales on your site. So, we've collected 3 lifehacks on how to create an effective search in a web store.

1. Use the search results page
Many search services provide an autocomplete form. It's a good tool, but autocomplete shows only the list of searched products by phrase. Sometimes it's enough, but often it's not. This kind of search can't help a shopper find clothes with "Batman" logo for his or her baby. But a proper search allows a visitor to apply attribute-based filters to the search results. These attributes include a price, a product type, or anything else.

A visitor is more likely to buy baby clothes, if he or she sees the whole range of age categories. Therefore, we don't recommend our customers to disable the Searchanise search results page.
3. Include Product Reviews
Shoppers browsing goods, are always interested in other people's opinion. And customer reviews are the social proof of product quality. Reviews can greatly influence customer's decisions. Therefore, it is logical to include reviews in the search.

For example, we try to find the "Men" clothes in the comics store. Products in the search results has been awarded five stars from different customers. This is a useful information for the customer that inspires him to buy.
For a long time, searching and sorting products by reviews had been a privilege of large stores, such as Amazon and eBay. But today Searchanise is integrated with the largest reviews system for Shopify — Shopify Product Reviews. We did it thanks to the Product Reviews Addon app (

The Product Reviews Addon is integrated with Shopify reviews system, complementing their application by collecting reviews through e-mail, and improving the standard reviews widget appearance. And another cool thing is that the app is free!

Click to install the Product Reviews Addon for Shopify or Reviews addon for Magento, and use our guide for integration with the Smart Search and Instant Search app.

In the end, we advise you to read the article from about 4 lifehacks on collecting feedback

Use only the best search in your web store to increase your sales!
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